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We are an IT outsourcing company

We are a team of IT talented people. Our skills as Project Managers, Devops, Software Developers or Business Analysis help us to understand the needs in partners projects, to plan and implement solutions. We understand that now days project should be deployed fast. Thats why we choose reliable and fast to use technologies like Django, React, Vuejs, .NET on top of Python, Javascript or C# languages.

We focus on developing Web and Mobile Applications. 

Imagine that you have some flows and you are collecting some data in your business. Perhaps you are using Office tools and you want people to collaborate to that data. But in the same time you want to validate and make sure there are no human errors while manipulating that data. You need a custom Web or Mobile Application for that. Probably you will need it quickly because your business is moving fast. We can help you: understand your needs, plan solution together and develop fast using top technologies. 

Our startup projects

Team Easy

We are developing a team hire platform for freelancers. The project is called TeamEasy. 

But now the platform is under development and we hope to launch it at the beginning of October. Until then please take a look on project page.

What We Do


We offer Custom Software Development


Web developement

We develop web applications using a wide range of technologies

professional help


After we finish developing and deploying the project we offer support for updates

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We love to make people`s life easier. Whether it is writing code, brainstorming to bring up the right solutions or planning, we are driven by the value of contribution. Our core business is creating applications that help businesses grow faster.

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If you are interested in working with us then please drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

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