Who We Are

We love to make people`s life easier. Whether it is writing code, brainstorming to bring up the right solutions, or planning, we are driven by the value of contribution. Our core business is creating applications that help businesses grow faster.

Our story began 3 year ago, when we were just 4 people with a common goal that of simplifying the life of the communities around us. This is how Habitam, an application addressed to building administrators and tenants, was born. Also, that was the moment when we realised we enjoy working as a team and that we share the same vision. So we kept on going.

Yes, we are young as a team but very experienced as professionals. We have 10+ years of expertise in Enterprise technology integration, telecommunications and applications’ development. We have worked both with corporate clients and startups owned by courageous entrepreneurs.

We are continuous learners and passionate engineers, always in search of a simpler and friendlier solution for your business. Innovation is part of our DNA and we are obsessed with new trends and edgy technology.

Our services include Applications development, Business Analysis and Planning.

recent case studies

Let's Do It, Romania membership platform

With a community of 400.000 volunteers Let’s Do It, Romania  NGO wanted for the last Cleanup Action to have a platform where people get registered, receive their contract and informations about cleanup procedures. 

New Sight developed a web application using Django, Javascript and Postgresql. We hosted the application on a Linux Server. The technologies we choose helped the NGO volunteers to use the services with no errors or bottlenecks. 

who we are

Company Profile

In last 2 years our team developed web application projects for Real Estate, Internet Service Provider, Energy Maintenance Service Companies and NGOs.

Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

We are technology agnostic, meaning that we do not attempt to fit solutions into the technologies we have available. Rather, we begin with the purpose and long-term goals of the application and the needs of the users, assess all available options, and only then select the most appropriate tools for the job.


We employ enterprise grade application design and build consumer brand solutions for global scalability because of the strength of the information and design architectures.

Our abilities help us to develop applications for any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we have served include green technologies, real-estate, Internet/e-commerce, telecommunications, ngos.

Our team has a long experience working in big IT companies. Together with our enthusiasm we put effort to deliver fully functional projects. We take the problem from the client, understand it, propose solutions, planning, developing and deploying them. We intend to spent few moments from client time. We understand how important it is for him because we were in the same situation in previous. 

important milestones

Company Roadmap

We intend to double our team and open one point of sales in London in one year. For that together with the team we put effort into accomplish this. In the same time we are looking to deliver projects for mobile applications.