Django Development

Django Development

If you want to deploy web applications faster we have capabilities to develop it using Django framework. This technology which use Python help us to add easy to use plugins for different needs: sql integration, social auth, image processing, mapping tools or others. 
If you have a concept or an idea you want to implement it fast please come to us.
Being a MVC architecture Django can be used to build backend and frontend web applications.

Agile Development


Our development process is based on the agile methodology. We use Scrum as our agile way to manage and develop software projects. The role of Scrum Master and Design resources can be covered by the same person. Based on the product backlog and the user stories provided by client each Sprint will start with a sprint planning session. Stories from the product backlog are moved into the sprint backlog, and if agreed by team and the Product Owner, the sprint starts.


If necessary the Scrum team will discuss with the Product Owner for additional guidance. From a development perspective a user story from the sprint backlog is developed as a feature. When the feature meets the user acceptance criteria for that story, it can be committed to the development branch.

Testing and Delivering

As code is propagated through pre production environments it will undergo the following test phases or functional and non functional testing: Unit, Component, System, System Integration, Compatibility, Performance, Security and User Acceptance Testing. We intend to automate the tests wherever we can during the sprints. After all tests are completed and UAT session with the product owner we can recommend to proceed to production. Before deploying to production a Test Exit will be provided. This document must be signed by the product owner before deploying to production.

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