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Ionut Iordachescu

Ionut Iordachescu
Ionut Iordachescu has 20+years of experience in the IT&C field. His path started early in high school, when developing C and Java applications under Dos, Linux and Novell. In that period he built an antivirus program, a patch for Linux kernel which detected some exploits and a FTP client/server for the Novell server.For 10 years, Ionut was the Technical Director of Media Sat, one of the biggest Internet Service Providers in Romania. He also worked for 7 years as a CIO for Alerria, the biggest Media group in Romania (1000+ employees). His main achievements during this period were the planning and building of 3 data centers and the successful relocation for 3 companies from the group (1000+ employees, 3 building offices, 3 technical infrastructures).At the same time, Ionut was very active in the volunteering field. He was the IT Manager for the biggest Social Movement in Romania – "Let’s Do It, Romania!", coordinating the development of the first application for trash mapping and volunteers management, with more than 200.000 people involved in the Cleanup Day. After 2010 he co-founded the NGO which implement Let's Do It, Romania! project. In the present, Ionut is the founder of New Sight Solutions, an innovative startup dedicated to creating applications that help businesses breathe and grow faster. His first project, Habitam, a unique tool that helps homeowners associations efficiently manage costs and communication between members. The applicationhas been featured in Ziarul Financiar, the most important financial newspaper in Romania.Key competences: Python, Django and Java technologies, Linux, Windows administrator, Cisco technologies, Data-center planning and management, Project management (he holds and e-MBA in Project Management).
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Bucharest, Romania

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